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A pure breed of laterally gaited horse, the Peruvian Paso stems from more than 700 years of type breeding by the cattlemen of Spain. Minimal introduction of outside genes for over 400 years in Peru has assured an animal of consistent conformation, temperament, and most important - it's 4-beat lateral gait.

Now becoming one of the most sought after breeds for its smooth gait and tractable temperament. The Peruvian Paso is slowly earning its way into the hearts of those fortunate enough to see and ride them.

Some say that "to ride one is to own one." The Peruvian Horses rapidly expanding popularity is due in part to the versatility of the breed. A tireless pleasure horse, family mount, companion and competitive trail horse with the extravagance of a parade and show horse.

Along with a strict adherence to temperament, the Peruvian Breeders also selected for a precise gait that is patterned and rhythmic with an equal interval between footfalls. Over a very flashy four-beat-lateral way of going. One of the most eye catching characteristics of their gait is their unique "Termino" or outward rolling of their forelegs. A real trademark for the Peruvian Breed.

The Peruvian Paso comes in a variety of solid colors as well as roan and gray. They stand between 14 and 15.2 hh with a well laid back shoulder, short to medium coupled, with as much depth in body as length in leg, low set tail, refined legs and full mane and tail.

The Peruvian Paso's heritage is steeped in tradition stemming from the Spanish Barb, Andalusian and Jennet Horses. To this day the Peruvian Horse is often exhibited in traditional Spanish-style saddles while their riders honor tradition by wearing whites and a poncho. Since the horses introduction to North America in the 1940's and into Canada in the more recent 1960's. The Peruvian Paso is also shown and ridden in Western, English, Australian and Plantation gear.

The Peruvian Horse Registries allow only horses of proven purebred Peruvian lineage to be registered. Near geographic isolation has assured an animal very similar to the Spanish stock as it was exported to the New World in the 16th century.

Treat yourself to a ride on a Peruvian, guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience!

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